... Music is the food of love, relief and peace ...

When I introduce myself as East Coast Vijayan, I hope, Keralites all over the world will remember the name, especially those who are related, some way or other, to movie, music and stage entertainment fields. Hope it will not be boastful if I tell about my role as someone who introduced the non-film songs culture in Kerala, made “Mappilappattukal” of northern Kerala a household phenomenon through the music videos directed by me and captured the minds of generation through my lyrics in the romantic series, Ninakkai, Aadyamai, Ormakkai, Swantham, Iniennum and Ennennum. But, apparently, I had also launched several talented people, artistes and technicians through my various ventures and set standard in the quality of producing and directing stage shows.

Strangely, my first movie NOVEL which had a fine performance by Jayaram and a strong story line, generated more interest outside the theatres than inside.

Unfortunately for my detractors, whenever and wherever I have met with any failures or opposition, I have never backed off. On the countrary, it only helps to toughen my resolve to succeed.

The creators of this website has taken look into the life and activities of me as a lyricist, director, producer and organizer of various stage shows, album maker, telefilm and movie director and producer who had started bringing in new ideas, professionalism and passion into audio-visual-stage entertainments from 1992 onwards.